Liu Suwen Takes Charge as New CBA Chairman

On June 25, 2018, the China Bicycle Association (CBA) held its 9th member representative convention in Hangzhou, and 211 member representatives attended. Liu Suwen was elected 9th chairman of the CBA, and outgoing chairman Ma Zhongchao was made honorary CBA chairman.

Liu Suwen has participated in past efforts to reform the CBA, and has served as secretary-general and deputy chairman of the CBA. According to Chairman Liu, socialism with Chinese characteristics is currently entering a new age, and China’s bicycle industry is also entering a new period of history. Chairman Liu also proposed the following five new strategies for the industry’s development: (1) Persistent reliance on innovation to strengthen the industry, and intensive efforts to make breakthroughs in core technologies; (2) continued establishment of standards as a basis for the industry, and unrelenting strengthening of quality standards; (3) continued use of the Internet to enrich the industry, and acceleration of an in-depth embrace of the Internet; (4) persistent entrepreneurship overseas, and increased pursuit of cooperation; and (5) reliance on human resources to renew the industry, and promotion of an all-round manpower cultivation strategy.