Shimano Launches New Drive Units for E-cargo Bikes

Shimano STEPS newest e-bike system is now ready to power cargo bikes around the city. The new dedicated e-bike system for cargo bikes is specially designed to power heavy loads. 

STEPS DU-EP800-CRG and DU-E6100-CRG motors, at the heart of the system, feature built-in cargo-specific firmware and other innovative features to get the job done. Both drive units will be available this summer. 

The DU-EP800-CRG has a maximum output torque of 85Nm, which is achievable in both Boost and Trail modes. The DU-E6100-CRG is slightly bigger than the EP800-CRG with maximum output torque of 60Nm. 

The Shimano STEPS E-Cargo system can propel heavy loads up to 250kg – and pedals like a dream. It gives you a safe, controlled boost when you're getting going – or going uphill. Or even when you're simply pushing your cargo bike along the street and could do with a helping hand. 

Like all Shimano urban e-bike motors, the DU-EP800-CRG and DU-E6100-CRG come with Eco, Normal and High modes which are customisable via the Shimano E-TUBE app – even when you're on the fly. And both offer full-automatic shifting which allows you to focus on the ride and traffic, not your gears.

Both drive units are compatible with Shimano's 630Wh, 514Wh or 408Wh batteries. However, in a new development, Shimano has also allowed for third party compatibility with batteries from Trend Power and Darfon, who are set to offer batteries with higher capacities that will suit those making longer journeys or carrying large loads.

The drive units are compatible with Shimano's existing gear systems, such as Nexus Internal Hub Gears or standard derailleur/cassettes. Shimano's braking systems are already approved for use on cargo bikes. A full list of compatible components can be found on Shimano's website.