Pakistan Incorporates E-Bikes To New Climate Policy 

In the first month of 2021, the National Climate Data Center announced that January was the seventh warmest month in the past 142 years. Though this number may not seem so grim, according to statistics done by NCEI scientists, 2021 is suspected to be one of the hottest on record. Consequently, many countries across the globe are beginning to make efforts to decrease the growing rise in climate temperature. 

Pakistan is one example, among many, of governments committing to decreasing their carbon footprint. This news comes only a month after the NCDC announced that in June, Asia tied with their second-highest temperature since 2010. Imran Khan, the country's Prime Minister, hopes that the launch of the electric bike will set the country on an “eco-friendly” roadmap for future generations dealing with accelerating global temperatures. Especially with a growing population in major cities such as Peshawar, with almost 2 million residents. 

Khan has launched a five-year Pakistan Electric Vehicles Policy, intending to target the growing electric vehicle market. Providing incentives to manufacturers to participate in the new policy, the current government hopes this changes transportation. In addition to offering citizens the best of this new, enduring machinery, numerous models of the Jolta e-bikes have varying speeds. The Jolta can travel between 60 to 100 kilometers with a full charge. Khan notes that the new launch is the first step to devising “devise long-term policies on environmental protection to materialize the vision of a clean and green Pakistan, and pass on a liveable place to the coming generations.”