Interview With Isapa President - Isacco Douek

Looking back to the past year it's been filled with new and unfamiliar events. While many learned to adjust to new normalcy, bicycle sales increased significantly. Even in places, some would least expect. Wheel Giant interviewed Isapa President, Isacco Douek. Hoping to understand the current bicycle industry and market in Brazil.

Douek states Brazil's bicycle production took a hit from the Coronavirus.  Douek believes this number could be bigger if it was not for a stall in many production items and price increases from the demand for bike parts. However, Brazil produced around 5.5 million bikes for both adults and children and saw a growth of over 15% in sales. With an increasing interest in electric bicycles, though Douek says e-bikes represent only "a small part of the bicycle market,” yet it continues to increase over time.

Concerning Covid-19, Brazil has had over 18 million cases and over half a million deaths. However, vaccination numbers among adults are up. Douek assesses that by September, the entire adult population will have at least the first dose. Douek says Isapa is not the only company affected by the epidemic, stating most of Brazil's businesses are suffering, at least partially, as well.

Although Douek indicates the production, supply, and sales were not affected by the pandemic. The hardest hit was the lack of items, as mentioned above. Douek is optimistic about the future of both the traditional and electric bicycle markets. Douek believes more countries are beginning to embrace bike culture, especially as it is launched internationally.