ZEG Commits To Eurobike

Zweirad-Einkaufs-Genossenschaft, otherwise known as ZEG, is Europe’s largest network of independent bicycle dealers. Beginning in 1966, six companies have come together over the years, becoming synonymous with the name ZEG. The company offers some of the best quality service, personal advice, and competitive prices.

Among ZEG’s numerous achievements, Eurobike recently announced the company will exhibit its entire portfolio at next year’s international bicycle trade show in Frankfurt. ZEG is expected to feature their full brands of BULLS, PEGASUS, ZEMO, KETTLER Alu-Rad, HERCULES, FLYER, i:SY, EUROAD, SHAREA, MonkeyLink, and WANDERER. Additionally, ZEG committed to exhibiting its portfolio in the coming years at Eurobike 2023 and 2024.

The Head of Eurobike, Messe Friedrichshafen, and Managing Director of fairnamic, Stefan Reisinger, said “We’re delighted by the ZEG’s clear, long-term focus and objectives. As a dealer group cooperative with approximately 960 independent bike retailers, the ZEG has a strong position with both sales and purchasing in the key German bike market. This is further confirmation from the bike industry that the new show orientation is on the right track. And underscores Eurobike’s importance – including in German-speaking markets – as the leading trade show for retail, media, politics and all bike enthusiasts.”

Furthermore, Georg Honkomp, CEO of ZEG, agrees with Reisinger, stating that "Germany is not just an automobile nation but above all a bicycle nation. Our specialist dealers, who pass on favorable purchasing conditions directly to customers, also ensure this…” Reisinger later goes on to say that “one of the challenges we face in the context of various projects is the mobility of the future. In a changing world, we are looking for alternative solutions - especially in the field of e- Mobility and Transport. "

Therefore, Honkomp, along with ZEG chairman Fred Schierenbeck, believes that their participation in Eurobike, one of the world’s leading trade shows, is an opportunity to heighten the eagerness for sustainable transportation. They go on to say “Eurobike is the most important international trade show and plays a vital role as a global industry platform. With the reorientation and new collaboration with the Eurobike makers, we see a great opportunity to further boost enthusiasm for sustainable transport… With our comprehensive product portfolio, our bike brands, and by holding our annual general meeting and an evening event during the Eurobike in Frankfurt, we expect to generate considerable interest.”

Besides the new announcement of ZEG exhibiting their portfolio, Eurobike 2022 has some other exciting changes. The show is celebrating its 30th event by moving from Lake Constance, which is located below in Southern Germany, to Frankfurt. The 2022 event will premier from Wednesday, July 13th to Sunday, July 17th.