Sol Motors Debuts Pocket Rocket

Sol Motors, a Motorcycle company based in Germany, has been hitting the news with their new bike the “Pocket Rocket.” Otherwise known as “the naked bike,” because its main features are hidden in the V-frame. With removable controls, batteries, front and rear headlights, are all meticulously integrated and assembled into a modern design and protected frame. The “Pocket Rocket”is said to combine the best features of a motorbike and bicycle into one.

Weighing only 55 kilograms, the bike is ideal for busy and narrow city streets, and travel a modest distance as well. With speeds up to 80 kilometers an hour, the lightweight means it is easy to handle and allows the rider to travel longer, too. The wheels have a width of sixteen inches, made up of some of the strongest aluminum to ensure smooth riding. Furthermore, the hub motor is integrated into the back wheel, giving the feeling of a low center of gravity.

The bike is said to “accelerate breathtakingly from a standstill city speed” meaning it needs no kick start nor warming up. Additionally, its battery is simple to remove from the frame. Simply, when needing to recharge, remove it off the bike and charge it at the nearest power source.

The Pocket Rocket appeals to those trying to reduce their carbon footprint, as it qualifies as a Light Electric Vehicle. It also has a Combined Braking System, (CBS) which ensures full driving control. It is an L1e and L3e EG vehicle class, and comes in the Pocket Rocket and Pocket Rocket S, with the main differences between the two vehicles being the vehicle class, licenses, and range of top speed, torque, and peak power.

SOL estimates a delivery time between spring and summer 2022. The prices range from €5,980 to €6,980 and are currently available for pre-orders. However, only countries in the EU, specifically Germany, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Denmark, France, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, and Spain are available for delivery. Hopefully, as the bikes become popular other countries in the world will have the opportunity to purchase this new, modern take on the e-bike.