LOOK X RESTRAP Collaboration

LOOK Cycle and UK-based biking company Restrap have recently unveiled their latest collaboration, consisting of a chromatic colorway for LOOK's famous 765 GRAVEL RS frameset and chromatic bike packing luggage handmade in Yorkshire by way of Restrap.

Drawing notions from wild rugged landscapes and the large open areas backpackers love to explore, LOOK and Restrap have produced today's rubric for supplying an adventure-proof and bike packing body and kit, designed to mirror the rider's center of attention on the world around them.

It is the end that unites this bike and its add-ons apart. By day, the black shade scheme blends with the environment, permitting the brilliant colors of nature to mild the way. Yet as the sun sinks away, rays capture the iridescent surfaces, and the vivid colorings of the spectrum flare and burst into life. The chromatic petrol shade creates an optical diffraction impact and adjustments of coloration relying on angles and illumination. Even at night, the smallest flashlight will show off the iridescent surface of the baggage and frame. Furthermore, the frame's chromatic paintwork shifts color like a chameleon to create a layout assured to take riders off the traditional track. Understated by using day, the iridescent highlights come alive in the dark.

Based on the famous 765 GRAVEL RS design, the body draws on LOOK's huge mastery of carbon fiber technologies. The special layup of 35% HM, 40% IM, 10% HR and 15% unique carbon fibers maximize electricity switch at the same time as retaining experience remedy throughout difficult terrain. The 3D Wave seat stays are designed with two deflection factors that enable for a 15% extension in the compliance of the carbon and improve alleviation over lengthy distances.

The body comprises tires up to 700x40, or 650x2.1, imparting closing versatility for riders to customize their setup to replicate their using conditions, whilst 4 mounting factors – three inside the triangle and one under the downtube – make certain that riders can have an epic region of crossings. Cycling baggage company Restrap produces cycle visiting and bike packing luggage stimulated through the rugged panorama of the Yorkshire dales, which are destined for exploration. Pure, practical, and adventure-proof, they lighten the load and strip off the day's necessities so bike packers can better join with the world around them.

For this constrained version collaboration with LOOK, Restrap's much-loved pinnacle tube, saddle, and bar baggage have been developed from a material as iridescent and dramatic as the highlights on the LOOK frameset. Each bag dynamically performs as you ride, altering the appearance from special viewing angles and reflecting even the smallest quantity with an appealing array of colors. Built with a combination of water-resistant textured nylon and a covered iridescent weatherproof cloth outer, the fabric is then completed with a polyurethane coating for water repellency. These baggage are constructed to cope with the elements and any other rugged journey that riding entails.

When bought immediately from LOOK distributors, The 765 Gravel RS frameset comes geared up with a Top Tube Bag, a 4.5L-liter Saddle Pack, and a 1.5L Canister Bag. Marie-Amélie Guillet, Global Communications Manager, LOOK Cycle, said “A collaboration with Restrap was completely natural for us - we share the same values of innovation, high-quality European craftsmanship, and manufacturing, defined by precision and attention to detail. This limited edition LOOK x Restrap collaboration has been created to reflect the true spirit of gravel riding and bike packing. With this colorway, we wanted to embody what is so special about escape from the city and normal life and that by venturing outside of our comfort zone we can face the challenges head-on.”

Pricing and availability include the limited edition 765 GRAVEL RS, which is limited to 100 framesets only and is available in sizes S, M, L, and XL. It can be purchased via LOOK’s distributors, worldwide, and will be delivered complete with a set of LOOK x Restrap chromatic bike packing bags.

The Frameset ranges from RRP €2399, £2399, and $2599. The LOOK x Restrap bike packing bags will be available to purchase directly from Restrap for a limited period of 30 days from the launch of the collaboration, with some stock available from approved retail partners. These prices include the Canister Bag, which prices range from RRP €71.99 to £55.99. The Race Top Tube Bag RRP is €90.99 or £69.99. And lastly, the Saddle Pack RRP prices are €81.99 or £62.99.