Highly Automated Tektro

Established in 1986, Tektro originally specialized in bicycle brake systems. Starting in 2019, Tektro entered the transmission business under its TRP brand name with the introduction of its DH7 and TR12 rear derailleurs for downhill bikes. The company followed up on this with the introduction of its E-Drive 9 derailleur system for e-bikes in 2022.

Tektro has adopted a vertically-integrated production strategy, which has helped it to maintain manufacturing quality. It performs forging, heat treatment, CNC processing, brake pad and lining production, painting, carbon fiber processing, and assembly in-house, and its overall self-made content exceeds 80%. Because Tektro was aware of looming labor shortages at an early date, it also began planning automated manufacturing and processing early on. As a result, it is now Taiwan's most vertically integrated bicycle brake manufacturer.

Tektro's new plant occupies a 18,800m2 site, and will boost the company's capacity by 30-40%. The new plant is equipped with even more automated equipment, and will also further increase the company's self-made content, improve quality control, and speed up production processes. At the same time, Tektro is vigorously pursuing ESG measures; apart from participating in BAS, it has also implemented several energy-saving, emissions-reducing processes at its plants, and hopes to reduce CO2 emissions by 4% each year.