Bafang Launches Dealer Direct Service for Complete eBike Drive Systems

Bafang optimizes its service structure to better serve bike brands and dealers and enhance customer satisfaction with the ever-growing local after-sales support team.

Despite a turbulent year for many industries, the two-wheeler industry has flourished, and edrive systems manufacturer Bafang reports rapid growth during 2020. As a result of the growth and changes in market demand, Bafang has analyzed its service model, making revisions and expanding the service team to ensure ongoing customer support at a higher level.

Complete Bafang eBike Drive Systems

In addition to the individual Bafang products offered to brands, Bafang has seen enormous growth in requests for complete Bafang eBike Drive Systems which include a Bafang battery. As a result, the battery range has been expanded beyond carrier batteries, with in-tube, integrated and semi-integrated options.

For brands using a complete, closed Bafang e-set, Bafang has been developing a Dealer Direct Service model, soon to be launched into the market in 2021.

Bafang Dealer Direct Service

The Dealer Direct Service will be launched in phases from February 2021 in the Netherlands, initially with complete Bafang systems for several selected brands. Later phases will support dealers for more brands, throughout the whole of Europe.

A Dealer Direct Service department has been created with trained service engineers, a Bafang service center, dealer online portal, and all other necessities.

The Bafang after-sales support team has expanded in recent months, with almost all new staff coming directly from the industry, bringing technical and commercial knowledge, and sound understanding of consumer, dealer and brand expectations when it comes to service.

Product knowledge

To further support dealers, a Bafang dealer service online portal has been created, with all necessary information for dealers in one place. Simple and clear details on applying for and following guarantees, warranty conditions and working methods are available, alongside technical manuals, dealers training announcements, e-learning videos, and information on products, troubleshooting and of course the Bafang BESST Tool.

Bafang plans, when restrictions allow, to provide physical trainings from the Bafang Service Center in Wijchen, to introduce dealers to products and available tools in detail. Several training options will be available according to different e-drive systems.

Bafang’s aim is, by getting even closer to the user, to better improve the response speed to service requests, and reach the highest level of customer satisfaction through close cooperation with both brands and dealers in the future.

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