Canyon Debuts Futuristic E-Bike

The International Automobile Exhibition, otherwise known as IAA, is the world's leading mobility show. Held annually, the exhibition showcases varying types of transportation including passenger vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles. This year, the show which was held in Munich, Germany, Canyon bikes showcased their latest engineering feats with the slogan “cool, calm, and free - how city life rolls.”

At the IAA convention, Canyon debuted their Future Mobility Concept Vehicle. The Technical University of Aachen, a university in Germany, along with Canyon, created a new “car.” Doubling as a bicycle, the team claims it to be the latest revolutionary alternative to traditional forms of transportation. So, what makes this “car” stand out from other modes of transit that were featured at the event? The vehicle, which resembles a smart car, has an internal bicycle. And while it has the resemblance of a car, it functions as a bicycle. Meaning, in order to move the “car” forward, the rider needs to be pedaling. In order to transition lanes, the car has a steer located at the right side of the rider.

Canyon's design comes amid growing pressures from citizens and government officials alike striving for a greener living. Canyon notes that as long cities continue to grow, there will be an uprise in air pollution, traffic, and carbon dioxide released into the air. Hoping to close the gap between the electric bicycle and car, this new innovation brings both to the forefront of modernization. With its lightweight and mighty design, this vehicle offers a clean alternative and is storm-proof against rough climate conditions.

However, when wanting to enjoy the crisp autumn breeze or the warmness of a bright spring morning, the vehicle offers an “open-mode” that allows the rider to pull back the top, resembling the feeling of riding in a convertible. Furthermore, the vehicle offers additional space behind the rider's seat, perfect for groceries, bags, or children.

Many questioned the reality of the design, wondering if it was merely an imaginative concept or an actual product that will eventually reach the market. Canyon's response was their new transition in focus to City and Trekking bikes. Other questions about the vehicle concerned the range. Canyon stated the “car” has about a range of 150 km

Canyon hopes to continue being a leader in the world of transparency and environmental protection. They said they hope to focus more strongly on urban mobility and the future. Additionally, they said that within the coming years they hope to create more innovative designs for urban bicycle solutions, but with a hefty focus on similar concepts like the Future Mobility Vehicle.

Canyon plans to be at the next IAA show, which will take place in Munich in 2023. Until then, Canyon's website offers numerous types of electric bikes. Although they may boast all the luxuries that the Future Mobility Concept has, they are nevertheless highly rated by trusted customers and consumers alike.