E-bike Sales Boost Stagnant Italian Bike Market

Milan, Italy – Italian two-wheeler industry association, ANCMA has released details of the 2017 Italian bicycle market. The data shows that last year 1,688,000 traditional bicycles and e-bikes were sold on the domestic Italian market. This figure represents an increase of approximately 1% compared to the previous year.

The most striking data is with regard to e-bikes. 148,000 e-bikes were sold in Italy during 2017, representing a 19% increase compared to 2016. ANCMA notes that this is in keeping with trends found all over Europe. Surprisingly, ANCMA noted that e-MTB sales accounted for 65% of e-bike sales.
With regards to traditional bicycles, ANCMA found a decline of around 1%, which it noted was a better figure than the general decline of 8/9% for the rest of Europe. The figure also confirms that the panorama of bike users is changing and veering towards new forms of cycling.
ANCMA notes that in the absence of sales numbers, it's data is obtained from the sum of the bicycles produced and imported minus those destined for export.

In 2017 Italian manufacturers produced 2.3 million complete bicycles, while this is less than the previous year, Italy should still hold the number spot for bicycle production within the EU. Production of e-bikes rose by 48% from 23,600 in 2016 to 35,000 last year. ANCMA specifically noted that e-bike exports went from 8,000 e-bikes in 2016 to 19,000 in 2017.

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According to import data from the Eurostat database, a total of 259,997 complete bicycles and e-bikes were imported into Italy from outside the EU in 2017. Of these, 62,237 units were pedelecs. ANCMA noted that e-bike imports showed an increase of 21% in 2017 compared to 2016.

197,760 complete traditional bicycles were imported into Italy for outside the EU last year. This represents an increase of over 13% to the same period in 2016.