EU Intends to Impose Anti-Dumping Duties on Chinese E-Bikes

The European Commission has sent the disclosure document for the AD643 anti-dumping proceedings for Chinese-made e-bikes to all interested parties. In the disclosure document, the Commission announces its intention to impose anti-dumping and countervailing duties ranging from 18.8% to 79%.

Definitive measures


Injury elimination level

Bodo Vehicle Group Co., Ltd.


Giant Electric Vehicle (Kunshan) Co., Ltd;


Jinhua Vision Industry Co., Ltd and Yongkang Hulong Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.


Suzhou Rununion Motivity Co., Ltd.


Yadea Technology Group Co., Ltd


Other co-operating companies in the anti-dumping investigation which also co-operate but were not sampled in the parallel anti-subsidy investigation (Annex I)


Other co-operating companies in the anti-dumping investigation, but not cooperating in the parallel anti-subsidy investigation (Annex II)


Non-cooperating companies in the anti-dumping investigation, but cooperating in the parallel anti-subsidy investigation (Annex III)


All other companies


“The EBMA applauds today’s European Commission disclosure of its intent to impose definitive anti-dumping measures on e-bikes imported from China,” noted Moreno Fioravanti, Secretary General of the European Bicycle Manufacturers Association (EBMA). “The Commission’s investigations have now proven the existence of dumping, subsidies and injury to European e-bike manufacturers, as Chinese e-bikes have flooded the EU at an alarming rate and artificially low prices. The concealed costs of Chinese e-bikes and the injury to European industry and jobs are now revealed. Definitive trade defence measures will shield 90,000 EU workers and over 800 SMEs against unfair competition from China.”

In a press release, the Collective of European Importers of Electric Bicycles stated, “if the Commission is to go ahead with the proposed anti-dumping duties, this will exacerbate the damage already done to European importers and mark the start of dark days for the whole European electric bicycle sector and for all EU citizens who are using or intend to use an electric bike.”

The document does not hold a final decision but rather outlines what the Commission intends to do. The definitive duties on e-bikes imported from China need to be approved by EU countries and would need to be in place by January 18, 2019.

The Commission also intends to accept EBMA’s request to withdraw registration and therefore not to pursue the retroactive collection of duties. However, this will only be 100% confirmed when the final Regulation on the case is published. Provisional duties will be collected from 18 July onwards, but only to the level of proposed duties, which is lower than the provisional duties.