Rise in Bicycle Theft and Sales 

Since the start of the COVID-19, many people have turned to bicycling in lieu of driving or public transportation. This is for a couple reasons. The first being that biking offers a great alternative to busy places where people are often in close quarters with one another. Secondly, riding a bike is a great form of exercise.

However, the world's largest nonprofit registry called Biked Index states that last year they saw a rise in both bicycles enrolled and stolen. Bike Index has recovered over $14 million USD worth of bikes since being founded in 2013. Averaging approximately $1.5 million USD annually. 

So, how do you keep your bicycle safe? Loren Cospey, an avid bicyclist, says cyclists should pay “special attention” to the kinds of locks they are using. Additionally, Cospey says a general principle to follow is purchasing a bike lock that costs 10% of your bike's worth.