Bike Machinery / Mair and Jui Chih Establish Strategic Alliance 

Jui Chih President, Jui Bin Yang signs a cooperation agreement with Bike Machinery / Mair representative, Alfredo Longhi.

Seeing the bicycle industry's growing demand for automated production and testing equipment the prominent Italian machinery manufacturer Bike Machinery / Mair signed a long-term licensing and cooperation agreement with Taiwan's Jui Chih Machinery in mid-September. Under this agreement, Bike Machinery / Mair agrees to authorize Jui Chih to manufacture Bike Machinery / Mair's equipment in Asia, and grants Jui Chih sales rights in the Asian market. Both parties are highly optimistic about this cooperation agreement, which will pair the two companies' strengths and integrate their resources. 

The first piece of equipment that Bike Machinery / Mair has authorized Jui Chih to produce and sell is the Proxima fully automatic bicycle frame alignment machine, and Jui Chih expects to begin production around the beginning of next year. According to Jui Chih President, Jui Bin Yang, as skilled alignment workers are hard to find in China and Vietnam due to rising wages in Asia, automated alignment equipment has now the optimal solution when it comes to the improvement of quality. Jui Chih is also dedicated to ensuring a high level of equipment production quality and after-sales service. 
Bike Machinery / Mair boss Luigi Seghezzi noted that, after working with Jui Chih for many years, he is firmly aware of their great professionalism and the fine reputation of their bicycle processing equipment, which has made them a very trustworthy partner. As a result, Bike Machinery / Mair is willing to grant authorization to Jui Chih in an effort to boost product competitiveness through production in Asia, and thereby achieve a win-win situation. The company also believes that this move will also help Asian bicycle industries to enhance the precision and efficiency of their frame alignment. Looking ahead to the future, depending on market demand, Bike Machinery / Mair doesn't rule out authorizing Asian production and sale of even more equipment to Jui Chih.