US Based E-Bike Company Sees Record Sales

Pedego, an electric bikes company based in California, reports seeing record sales. Only being around for less than 15 years, Pedego has quickly become the largest e-bike retailer in the United States. It began when founder Don DiConstanzo bought his first e-bike to help him climb to the top of a large hill near his house. He recalls the experience with his first e-bike “awful” but remembers its most important feature, which is that it got him up the hill.

DiConstanzo soon became hooked on the idea of finding the perfect electric bike. Although he became aggravated and disheartened by the “poor quality and boring styles” that were currently on the market. It was then, with his history in the automotive industry, that DiConstanzo decided to design his brand of e-bikes, which would come to succeed his highest standards.

A few years later, after a customer of DiCostanzo’s fell in love with his design, he decided to open the first Pedego store in Huntington Beach, a city southeast of Los Angeles known for its boardwalks and surfing culture. Now, in 2021, Pedago has more than 200 retail stores globally. With international locations including Saint Kitts and Nevis, Mexico, and the Bermudas. And, with the growing bike surge, Pedego states they have surpassed over $121 mission in the past 12 months. This also accounts for their 44% average increase in sales over the past 10 years.

DiCostanzo believes the best is still coming. Stating that the Pedego community is a “one of a kind” and the company wouldn’t be where it was today without its loyal enthusiasts. The CEO also believes that the community connection will “continue to expand the e-bike footprint.” DiConstanzo stands by his bike. He says “if I tell you that Pedego is the best, it’s only bragging.” But he states that “Word of mouth is still our most effective advertising.”