TBS Still Available Despite Pandemic

Even though the COVID-19 pandemic has led to many major bicycle shows around the world being halted this year, publication and distribuiton of TBS and EBS has not stopped. Industry members may still access these invaluable tools in digital format. Both TBS and EBS e-books may be downloaded via app or on Wheel Giant's (WG) Chinese or English website (QR code below).

For over 20 years, Taiwan Bicycle Source (TBS) has been an essential source of information for global industry members seeking to purchase bicycles and cycling products. TBS, together with the newer e-bike counterpart, EBS has become a go-to resource that industry members could major pick-up at international bicycle shows.

Despite the severity of the current outbreak, business still goes on and everyone is still trying to catch business opportunities. Cycling has become even more popular all over the globe, and buyers are hungry for bicycle and e-bike products. Both TBS and EBS give industry members a chance to source quality bicycle products from a huge range of suppliers. WG welcomes everyone to download, use and share these two essential bicycle sourcing tools.

Both TBS and EBS are available via the following links: TBS App for iOS, TBS e-book, EBS e-book