KMC E-Bike Chains Offer Greater Pin Strength


To combat the tremendous force genarated by e-bike mid-motors and the resulting stress on the chain, KMC’s e-bike chains offer a tensile strength of over 1,000 kgf, exceeding international standards by over 30%. The company’s patented new “Shield Tech” and oversized re-inforced pin design offer a pin power of 450 kgf to provide a 25% stronger chain which easily overcomes high torque and torsional stress caused by mid motors.

Combined with KMC’s e-bike chainring & sprocket with special tooth profile design, the chains allow for the superior efficiency via chain rollers and cog teeth interaction. The chainring roller seats between teeth are matched to chain rollers for exceptional component engagement. The benefits of this “Chain Mate” are higher power transmission efficiency and longer component lifespan. The features of KMC’s sturdy and stable e-bike chains enable riders to overcome rugged trails, harsh riding conditions and sketchy shifting situations with ease and confidence.