Domestic Focus for TBW 2020

Despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 Taichung Bike Week (TBW) will go ahead as scheduled on Sept 22-25, 2020. However, with international visitor participation unlikely, the 2020 event will mainly be geared towards the domestic Taiwanese bike industry. All three participating hotels have expressed that if any firm cancels their participation, their pre-paid deposits will be held until 2021, and they will even do their utmost to provide refunds if the companies' so require.

As a result of Taiwan's measures restricting the spread of COVID-19, the island has remained relatively unscathed by the pandemic with only 467 cases and 7 deaths. However, part of the country's measures includes insisting that everyone arriving from abroad must undergo two-weeks of self-isolation. This regulation alone will likely discourage most international visitors from participating in TBW in September this year.

The expected absence of international visitors will mean this year's TBW will be significantly smaller than usual and has reduced interest in TBW for some Taiwanese manufacturers chiefly targeting foreign buyers. However, numerous Taiwanese assembly plant customers still require service, and many parts manufacturers are still interested in serving their customers in Taiwan. The Tempus Hotel noted that close to 70% of domestic and foreign brands still wished to exhibit at the show. The Splendor Hotel and Evergreen Laurel Hotel, which hosted large exhibitions last year, seem to be more impacted by the expected absence of foreign buyers. Both hotels are continuing to survey customers about their participation in this year's TBW. They are also planning to downsize the exhibition space.

Due to the hotels' different circumstances and considerations, if any firms have questions concerning the 2020 TBW event, they should contact each hotel directly.