Eurobike 2021 Kicks Off

For the first time since 2019, Eurobike is back in person. The event, which will be held over 4 days, is expected to have participants from 43 countries. With the bike boom brought upon by COVID-19, Klaus Wellman, CEO of Messe Friedrichshafen states how “pleased with the Eurobike level of participation.” Along with over six hundred exhibitors, the event will showcase the latest products using the vast 80,000 square meters exhibition space.

Eurobike is expected to display the latest trends and innovations relating to the bike industry. Some new products expected to be featured are e-bikes, ranging from special cargo lines to sporty riders who desire to “move fast in the mountains” with the help of extra support. New chains are expected to debut as well, with the “Nuseti” which routes all cables, gearboxes, and drive systems. Furthermore, Texlock is showcasing their “Rejin” new waterproof shoes.

Another product expected to be showcased is the new “Idol” bike helmet by Alpina which features lights for increased visibility. Another product, which is designed for women who want to ride is The Veloine “Pregnancy Cycling Kit” completed with a top and shorts for women who wish to cycle in comfort during their later stages of pregnancy. All of these new products and innovations are showcased throughout the next four days, from September 1st to the 4th.

It should be noted that Eurobike is only open to the public on Festival Days, which is Friday the 3rd and Saturday the 4th. Eurobike project manager Dirk Heidrich states “we're offering bicycle enthusiasts a great program at the two-day public festival.” The festival, which will be held on the final days of Eurobike, is when the exhibition grounds will be opened to the public and bike fans alike. Activities include the Demo Area where visitors have the opportunity to test ride the latest products and models. More information regarding events and the latest news can be found on Eurobike's website.