IAA Mobility Achieves New Heights

If the Coronavirus has taught us anything, it's that people are more resilient than they may give themselves credit for. And although change is difficult and sometimes unwelcomed, in the case of the bicycle industry, there is no other option but to accept the insurmountable progress that has been made as of late. This change and resiliency are evident in the International Motor Show, otherwise known as IAA Mobility. Held annually since 1897, the IAA is the world's largest automotive exhibition show.

This year, the event was held from Tuesday, September 7th to Sunday, September 12th. The event had a total of 400,000 visitors and 744 exhibitors from 32 countries. The theme of the conference was “tomorrow’s mobility.” With more than 900 well-known experts, scientists, CEOs, and NGO representatives from all over the world, the theme was appropriate when discussing mobility issues and the transportation of the future.

In addition to a stellar turnout, the IAA debuted e-bikes as one of their latest automotive exhibitions, where there were over 70 exhibitions relating to the bike industry. Products for IAA mobility included Stromer, Scott, and Marstallplatz. Additionally, a new feature of the 2021 event was the purchase of a virtual ticket and the “Open Space” exhibition, where visitors had the opportunity to test-drive vehicles and bicycles in their natural habitat; on the city streets.

Managing Director of the Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA), Jürgen Mindel, stated “The separate IAA conference shows mobility in a 360 ° spectrum and is a stage for dialogues, debates, and keynotes of all interest groups. Both the conference platforms and the exhibition areas complement each other. The automotive and bicycle industries are looking for the mobility solutions of the future.”       

Germany’s Prime Minister Angela Merkel praised the event for their efforts in achieving climate neutrality, stating the “IAA Mobility is a sign of hope” and went on to say that with the IAA Mobility “boundaries are breaking down. It is a clear signal of departure for the whole world. This is where we set the course for the future.”

The entirety of the historic 2021 event is archived on IAA Mobility’s website. Including pictures, press statements, and video recaps of the various discussions and shows that occurred throughout the week. The next IAA Mobility is expected to be held from September 5th to 10th, 2023. Additional information, including tickets and pricing, the event schedules, and advertising opportunities can be found on IAA Mobility's website.