Bosch Launch ABS Braking System

Friedrichshafen, Germany – Bosch have launched what it claims is the world's first production-ready eBike ABS. Anti-lock braking systems enable controlled and stable braking, even under difficult conditions and Bosch' experience with developing motorbike safety systems has aided it in designing a front wheel ABS and rear wheel lift control

With the eBike ABS, high-resolution wheel speed sensors monitor the speed of both wheels. As soon as the front wheel threatens to block - for example in the case the brake is applied too forcefully - the Bosch eBike ABS regulates the brake pressure, thus optimising the riding stability and steering capability of the eBike. As soon as the EBike ABS detects that the rear wheel lifts, the ABS control unit briefly regulates the braking pressure acting on the front wheel. The rear wheel lifter reduces the probability of overrun.

The Bosch eBike ABS offer is specifically designed for city, touring and trekking bikes with 28-inch wheels.