Giant Wins 5th place in 2020 Taiwan's International Brand Value

Sponsored by the Industrial Development Bureau of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and executed by the Taiwan Economic Research Institute, the "2020 Taiwan International Brand Value Survey" has been announced today ranking Giant Manufacturing fifth in a list of top Taiwanese international brands. It is the twelfth consecutive year the Giant has been shortlisted in the top ten. This year Gian set a new record high with a brand value of US$562 million.

Interbrand, the international brand value survey agency which is responsible for appraisal, shared this year's brand growth trends. Despite, or perhaps because of, the current coronavirus crisis, the health industry was the highest for overall value growth, with an average growth rate of 16%. However, Giant Group's brand value increased by 17% compared with last year, which was not only higher than the average value of the health sports industry but also the highest value growth of Taiwan's top ten international brands this year.

In addition to the well-known Giant brand, in recent years, the group has also successively established Liv women's exclusive bicycle brand, the Momentum urban leisure commuter bicycle brand, and Cadex, a high-end bicycle component brand.