Ming Cycle Taiwan Fires up New Plant

Responding to to the swelling popularity of e-bikes and urgent bicycle orders, Ming Cycle has established a new assembly line in Taiping, Taichung. The new plant, which was inaugurated on January 12, will give a considerable boost to Ming Cycle's capacity. Apart from thanking customers and vendors for their long-term support, company president Chang Tai-shan expects the company to set a new output record in 2021.

 Ming Cycle's new plant has a lot area of 5,280 square meters, and a building floor area of 7,980 square meters; it will employ 120 persons, and chiefly assemble bicycles and e-bikes. Ming Cycle Taiwan produced approximately 120,000 units in 2020, including 36,000 e-bikes, and expects to have capacity of 300,000 units this year. Ming also looks forward to sales growth of 150% in 2021, and has a reasonable shot at achieving 275% sales growth in the e-bike category.