A-Pro Launches E-Cargo Frame Production

Established in 1982, and celebrating its 40th anniversary this year, A-Pro specializes in the production of high-end bicycle frames, suspension forks, and rear shocks. It has factories located at Dajia in Taiwan, Kunshan and Shenzhen in China, and the Dai Dang Industries Zone in Vietnam. The A-Pro Group set a new record with revenue of NT$6 billion in 2021.

A-Pro's gutsy investments in automated production have been the secret of his success. The company established a technology research center more than a decade ago, and has actively recruited specialists in electrical and mechanical engineering and automation, as well as purchasing high-end industrial equipment. A-Pro currently uses costly high-quality Japanese mechanical arms and Austrian welding robots. It is now using more than 140 mechanical arms, and has automated close to 70% of production. Going forward, A-Pro plans to continue upgrading to high-precision equipment, which will allow it to fully automate the frame welding and painting. Apart from ensuring stable quality, automation has also helped resolve the shortage of skilled workers.

As it targets the booming e-bike market, e-bike products have swelled to a 70% share of A-Pro's product mix, and it has an annual capacity of 840,000 e-bike frames. Responding the e-cargo bike and e-bike trend, A-Pro has established a dedicated e-cargo production line, and will begin making shipments of e-cargo frames this year.