Giant Revenue Skyrockets in June

Draft figures released by Giant Manufacturing show that the group's revenue for the first six months of this year has risen by 7.6% to NT$33 billion (approx US$1.12 billion). After sluggish sales in the first four months of the year, revenue in May and June increased substantially. In June 2020, Giant group's revenue was NT$7.57 billion an increase of 55.1% from the same period last year

Giant US's sales in June reached a record high, up 40% from the same period last year. Giant Europe's sales of e-bikes led to a 140% increase in overall revenue in June compared with the same period last year. Giant China also continues to grow, with June sales up 43% from the same period last year

The company explained that people’s demand for bicycles, electric bicycles, and sports and leisure has increased significantly. To encourage people to ride, European countries have successively launched stimulus programs, not only providing purchase subsidies, but also actively adding bicycle lanes to make the riding environment more friendly. These reasons have allowed the European and American markets to grow substantially.