Giant Establishes New Brand Architecture

Giant Manufacturing has announced a new Giant Group brand architecture, which will consolidate its resources and function as a parent company of multiple business units and brands. Giant Group was created to optimize overall corporate growth strategies, assist in the development of both OE brands and its own consumer brands, and continue to collaborate with its partners to lead the bicycle industry and create a better cycling world for consumers.

The goal of this new multi-product brand management structure is to shift from building a strong singular brand to building a strong brand portfolio. The Group brand not only objectively supports the development of independent product brands, but also strengthens synergies to strengthen the overall brand portfolio. And now the Giant consumer cycling brand can focus more on building a distinctive brand voice within the group.

Established in 1972, in its first ten years, Giant operated mainly in OE business. After that, it developed its own product brand, Giant, which has become a global leader in the market. In order to respond to the growth of the industry and market changes, the Giant Group also established Liv, a women's-specific bicycle brand, and Momentum, a brand focused mainly on urban and commuter bicycles and gear. Last year, Giant Group launched Cadex, a premium bicycle component brand. This multi-brand operation prompted the Giant Group to initiate a brand rejuvenation plan.

According to the new brand architecture, the first task was establishing a group-level brand independent of the product brand. Giant Group will stand on a global level and plan the development of its own independent product brands from a macro perspective. All strategies fully consider industry dynamics and provide corresponding guidance and support for each business.

Giant Group now has 14 sales companies around the world. Through a complete and seamless distribution network, it provides market feedback and insight to the four major product brands and various business entities. At the same time, Giant Group will also continue to support the Cycling Lifestyle Foundation, YouBike—the Public Bike-Sharing System, and Giant Travel Agency to jointly promote cycling culture and encourage more people to enjoy cycling.