Tern Announces $70,000 in Give Back Grants

Urban mobility specialist Tern Bicycles today unveiled the grant recipients from its annual Give Back program. Every year Tern allocates a minimum of 1% of the previous year's profits to initiatives and organizations that work towards positive social or environmental change, whether locally or on a global scale. The total contributions for 2023 amount to US$70,000.

The beneficiaries this year include World Bicycle Relief, Doctors Without Borders, BYCS, Black Girls Do Bike, San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, and Asia Rainbow Ride.

"Traditionally, our focus has been on providing grants to organizations addressing inequality and those advocating for environmentally-conscious practices and initiatives,” stated Josh Hon, Tern Team Captain. “However, an increasing recognition of the humanitarian needs worldwide has prompted us to expand our scope to include partners such as Doctors Without Borders. It also continues to be a priority to select partners that resonate with our company's values, encompassing areas such as social impact, health, environmental sustainability, diversity, inclusivity, and community engagement.”

World Bicycle Relief

Through the gift of mobility, World Bicycle Relief (WBR) helps provide life-changing opportunities to those living in rural communities worldwide. WBR provides bicycles to students, healthcare workers, entrepreneurs, and others in need to help them access education, healthcare, and economic opportunities.

Last year, Tern proudly supported WBR's Mobilized Communities program, prioritizing bike donations to women and girls who face hurdles accessing vital services. Continuing that commitment this year, Tern contributed to the Match Fund for WBR's campaign "This Is Not a Bike," which aims to raise funds to help break the cycle of poverty for rural women and girls by providing increased access to bicycles. By choosing to contribute to the Match Fund, Tern also sought to inspire others to contribute to this meaningful campaign that runs through December 31.

Doctors Without Borders

When an emergency arises, such as the 7.8 earthquake that struck Turkey and Syria in early 2023, speed is of the essence. That's why Tern chose to support Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) through its Emergency Relief Fund right after the crisis hit.


The Bicycle Mayor Network, pioneered and coordinated by BYCS—an Amsterdam-based social enterprise advocating for cycling-friendly policies and initiatives—embodies a vision centered on empowering local leaders to drive positive change within their communities. With over 170 appointed Bicycle Mayors across 41 countries, the network strives to promote and implement local policies that integrate bicycles into daily urban life, leading to safer streets, as well as contributing to reduced pollution, improved health, and enhanced urban mobility.

With Tern's backing, BYCS will offer online training sessions for Bicycle Mayors around the world. These sessions aim to bolster the Mayors’ capacity to initiate impactful cycling programs, particularly addressing the needs of vulnerable groups such as women, children, migrants, and under-resourced communities.

San Francisco Bicycle Coalition

For over five decades, the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition has been pivotal in transforming the city's streets into safer, more livable spaces by advocating for bicycles as a primary mode of transportation. Recognized as one of the most influential bicycle advocacy groups in the US, they champion a more bike-friendly city through grassroots volunteer efforts, education, and partnerships with local agencies and communities.

Tern’s sponsorship is directed toward bolstering the Coalition’s “'Bike It Forward” program, an initiative aimed at broadening access to biking across San Francisco. This program refurbishes used bicycles, and then distributes the bikes at zero cost to low-income residents. To ensure safety and foster an organic culture of bicycling, complimentary helmets, locks, and lights are also provided, as well as access to bicycle-related community programming for recipients and their families.

In the words of Christopher White, Interim Executive Director of the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition, “Tern’s generous grant donation will help extend our Bike It Forward program's reach, reinforcing our commitment to providing fair and accessible biking opportunities for all in San Francisco.”

Asia Rainbow Ride

Founded in 2020, the nonprofit Asia Rainbow Ride sponsors a cycling event in Taiwan that serves as a platform to raise awareness about LGBTQ+ issues, while advancing community engagement and solidarity among participants.

Spanning three days and two nights along Taiwan's northern coast, Asia Rainbow Ride not only promotes physical activity but also emphasizes the importance of unity and support from both inside and outside the LGBTQ+ community.

Tern's assistance will help the organization give continuity to its main ride event and fundraising activities throughout 2024.