Polini E-P3+ motor with belt drive

Polini E-P3+ is a universal motor designed for all e-bike applications. A revolutionary and cutting-edge motor, with the "+" symbol (PLUS) to emphasize the innovations and significant advancements made possible by the never-ending analysis, study, and devotion to design, constantly striving for improved performance.

Thinking about the future of sustainable transportation, Polini Motori created an application for trekking and all-terrain frames with the option of a belt drive, which is a great compromise for urban usage because it assures dependability and requires no maintenance.

The Polini E-P3+ can make use of Carbon Gates premium CDX sprocket.


Polini promises your e-bike will be sleek yet sporty owing to the performance of their E-P3+ motor, which has 75Nm of power. The E-P3+ system can power both mechanical and electronic gearboxes.

The E-P3+ has an intelligent control system designed for various purposes, including precision in delivering assistance torque based on pedal effort, reactivity in pedaling variations, reduced motor response time when you start pedaling with no thrust delay, and increased active assistance up to 120 RPM, all of which contribute to improved cycling performance.

The device weighs 2950 grams and has 5 maps: 3 pre-set and 2 user-set. The electronics are completely novel and use algorithms from the motorsports industry. The Polini E-P3+ motor is lightweight, powerful, and compact. It offers 75 Nm torque in the E-P3+ (ROAD) and 90 Nm in the MX variant (MTB) for demanding customers.

The E-P3+ can also be fitted with Enviolos Automatiq shifting hub.

Customizable Mapping

E-P3+ features five mappings, three of which are predetermined and the other two are entirely configurable:


Smooth and progressive, perfect for daily usage with extended autonomy.


Sporty, yet natural and accurate.


Without compromise, a true racing map designed to provide optimal performance (set up established from experience in World Series Championship and Italian FMI Championship events).

Custom 1 & Custom 2

Fully modifiable by the user via a smartphone app.

Unmatched autonomy’

The E-P3+ motor, together with the 500 Wh Polini battery, provides remarkable autonomy, up to 180 / 220 km in level 1, with 30% assistance computed using an average pedaling frequency of 60-80 rpm. Cyclists often weigh between 60 and 80 kg. On level courses, the average speed is from 20 to 25 km/h.

The most demanding riders may add a Polini Bottle Battery to the 500 Wh battery to enhance its capacity by 250 Wh.

The E-P3+ combines many technologies into one unit.