Former Danish Foreign Minister Joins bio-compostable plastic company GrønBlå A/S

GrønBlå is a Danish-based company, co-founded by two Taiwanese women Dr. Shu-Yuan Yang and Jayu Yang, working closely with labs around the world, including in Taiwan, producing bio-compostable plastic helping brands and companies push their green efforts to “a new level”. They intend to create a truly circular economy with a take-back program to reclaim used materials, and their goal is to offer high-performance bio-compostable materials that can be returned to nature in a natural way after use.

GrønBlå’s 360° economy looks to use a fully green system to bring their plastics into the production ecosystem.

To further accelerate their ambition and goal of eradicating waste from single-use plastic products, GrønBlå A/S excitedly announced the appointment of Jeppe Kofod as Advisory Chairman. Kofod is an esteemed supporter of global sustainability policies and a former Danish Foreign Minister and Minister for Trade Policy. GrønBlå A/S aims to be a leader in sustainable environmental solutions and they say their dedication to breaking new ground in sustainability is demonstrated by this important appointment.

Kofod brings to GrønBlå a plethora of expertise in environmental campaigning and international connections. As Foreign Minister, he played a pivotal role in advocating for programs that sought to counteract climate change and improve sustainable practices worldwide. It is anticipated that his leadership at GrønBlå will bring about significant advances in commercial solutions for the global eradication of trash and single-use plastics.

Mr. Kofod said, "I am excited to join GrønBlå and work towards a future where our planet is free from plastic pollution. It is imperative that we address the world's huge plastic pollution problem with innovative solutions that not only preserve our ecosystems, oceans, and health, but also provide real, implementable, and sustainable alternatives for businesses and consumers worldwide wanting to eliminate single-use plastic."

GrønBlå's creative approach involves creating and using state-of-the-art materials and technologies that swap out single-use plastics for compostable and biodegradable equivalents.  The company offers companies a wide range of services and products, from designing practical, implementable solutions—such as efficient composting solutions—to guaranteeing that they can meet their environmental targets without compromising effectiveness or quality.

GrønBlå co-founder Jayu Yang of National Tsing Hua University said, "Having Jeppe Kofod on our team is a game-changer for our mission. His global perspective and unwavering commitment to environmental issues will be invaluable as we expand our reach and impact. Together, we are setting a new standard for sustainability in the industry. With our strong focus on creating our own materials and enzymes to create even more efficient degradation processes, together with Jeppe’s vast experience in supporting businesses and legislation to lead the way in sustainability, GrønBlå is committed to working with businesses to deliver meaningful change.”

The Process

GrønBlå advises burying used goods in a composting area, such as a garden or food waste disposal unit. In 60 to 90 days, the items break down into organic carbon and fertilizer, which is then recycled back into the Earth—a fantastic solution for the environment!

Conventional plastics are created from fossil fuels, but plant-derived building blocks are polymerized to create compostable materials. Therefore, compared to conventional plastic, biodegradable materials are more ecologically beneficial.

In your yard or composting facilities, microorganisms can completely decompose their biodegradable materials. When the material breaks down, organic carbon is produced that may be used as fertilizer to help plants grow and thrive.

A look at how the plastic has started to break down in the right environment.

Independent testing facilities from Europe, the USA, Japan, Australia, and Taiwan have verified that GrønBlå products are devoid of plasticizers, BPA, and phthalates and that their heavy metal concentration complies with international standards.