Selle Royal Launches Urban Mobility Project with European Bike Couriers

Selle Royal has announced a new initiative, "Selle Royal Support Bike Couriers," aimed at enhancing urban mobility. This project, in collaboration with bike messengers from major European cities, starts with five initial locations—Copenhagen, Milan, Nantes, Berlin, and Brussels—but is open to new members.

Bike couriers in big cities move between 4 to 5 quintals of goods daily, translating to over 40 tonnes annually. This volume highlights the significant economic, urban planning, environmental, and cultural impact of bike messengers, who are now a vital part of urban sustainability and mobility.

Selle Royal, aligning with its mission as a "Support Cyclists" brand, aims to support bike couriers to improve urban life. The project provides a network offering cultural and business opportunities, visibility, marketing support, and event participation. Bike couriers involved will receive various models of Selle Royal saddles, such as the Lookin Evo and On, for their cargo bikes.

In 2023, Selle Royal highlighted the Milan BiciCourier cyclists through a photographic reportage published in a major Italian magazine, promoting awareness and providing a platform for the couriers. Moving forward, the project aims to become a platform for partners to propose new initiatives, sponsorships, and ideas, leveraging Selle Royal's tools and expertise.

The initial phase includes Milan BiciCourier, Copenhagen By-Expressen, Urbike Bruxelles, Nantes BiciCourier, and Cosmo Berlin. These companies were chosen based on their sustainability focus, business model, community presence, and passion for cycling.