Bosch eBike Systems Celebrates a Decade of Connectivit

Bosch eBike Systems marks ten years of innovation in connected biking, having introduced the concept in 2014. Over the past decade, the company has significantly enhanced the eBiking experience through connectivity, focusing on customization, convenience, and security.

Since the launch of Connected Biking, Bosch has continually introduced new features. In 2014, they debuted Nyon, an all-in-one on-board computer integrating navigation, fitness tracking, and online access. By 2017, Bosch had acquired COBI.Bike, expanding their expertise to phone-based solutions. Innovations such as the Kiox display and anti-theft protection were added in 2019.

A pivotal advancement came in 2021 with the launch of the smart system. This system interconnected all eBike components, facilitating seamless data exchange and enhanced functionality. Central to this system is the eBike Flow app, boasting over one million users and high ratings. The app offers digital functions including personalized settings, riding data analysis, and navigation, alongside regular updates.

Security features have also advanced, with digital theft protections like “eBike Lock” and “eBike Alarm,” providing robust deterrents against theft. The smart system also enhances navigation, offering AI-based route planning and real-time battery management.

Personalization has been a key focus, allowing riders to customize their eBikes via the eBike Flow app, tailoring display options and riding modes to their preferences. Over-the-air updates ensure that eBikes remain current with the latest features and improvements.

Looking forward, Bosch anticipates that connected eBikes will become the standard, playing a crucial role in future mobility solutions. Connectivity will enable integration with smart city infrastructure, enhancing the eBiking experience further.