Eurobike 2021 Comes To A Close

Eurobike 2021, one of the leading trade shows in the bicycle industry, has come to a close. The show lasted four days, from September 1st to 4th, with the first two days for companies and businesses to collaborate and network. The final two days, grounds were open to the public to test-ride new bikes and see the latest products.

Klaus Wellmann, CEO of Messe Friedrichshafen stated, as the show closed on Saturday, “with four days of high visitor numbers, Eurobike 2021 was a big success. Despite numerous challenges, we were positively surprised by the significant international presence … there was a strong business drive, further underlying the enormous potential for bicycles.”

Eurobike noted that there were a total of 18,770 trade visitors who attended the show. An additional 13,424 consumers came to the bike festival during the final two days. Furthermore, despite current travel restrictions still in place from the noble coronavirus, 630 exhibitors from 68 countries attended the show. Eurobike said a farewell to Lake Constance, the location where Eurobike has been held for many years, as the show prepares to move to Frankfurt in 2022.

Next year, 2022, will bring new concepts and ideas to Eurobike as the show hits its 30th anniversary. Stefan Reisinger, the head of Eurobike, stated that the move from Lake Constance to Frankfurt “represents a huge opportunity. In addition to established topics, there will be new themes and we look forward to widespread interest and further support for the new future direction.”

Certainly, as Eurobike moves to a major European city, there is a possibility of an increase in customers and businesses. But, until next year the bicycle industry is likely to remain vibrant. Next year's show is expected to take place from Wednesday, July 13th to the 17th in Frankfurt, Germany.