European E-Bike Market Continues to Flourish

European light electric vehicle (LEV) trade association, LEVA-EU, has announced that the European market for LEVs in 2019 is continuing to grow and prosper in all segments. According to LEVA-EU the COVID-19 pandemic has unexpectedly highlighted the health benefits of LEVs even though there is still a huge lack of awareness of the potential contribution of LEVs in making transport more sustainable among EU policymakers.

A press release form LEVA-EU states that total e-bike sales for 2019 currently stand at 2,285 million, which is quite a bit lower than the almost 2.8 million sold in 2018. However, not all member states have published their final 2019 results. The final total is expected to be at least around 3 million.

The biggest e-bike market is Germany where 1.36 million were sold last year, followed by the Netherlands, 423,000, and Belgium, 238,000. These are also the countries where e-bikes have the highest share in total bike sales, i.e. 31.5%, 42% and 51% respectively.