Continental Unveils Stepless Automatic Drive System

At Eurobike, Continental have launched its new 48V electric bike technology including a revolutionary new drive unit with both motor and stepless automatic gear system.

Continental boast that the 48V Revolution is the world’s first 48V-powered e-bike motor with a fully integrated stepless automatic transmission contained in an all-in-one drive unit. With its 2-in-1 drive and continuously variable planetary (CVP) gearing with a ratio range of 380%, the 48V Revolution sets a new standard in integrated e-bike systems, resulting in which Continental claim is a fully automatic ride that is seamless in operation. To complement the 48V Revolution, Continental will also introduce the 48V Prime drive unit, for use with conventionally geared e-bikes. As the global e-bike market is growing, dynamic and full of potential, so Continental is concentrating its already considerable attention to this pioneering field as part of a holistic approach to mobility.

“The new 48V eBike technology combined with an integrated motor and fully automatic stepless transmission is a logical and necessary step in the e-bike’s evolution,” said Jörg Malcherek, responsible for Bicycle Systems at Continental. “Further integration and transfer of Continental’s automotive know-how into future concepts for upcoming e-bike designs is a must to deliver the rider the demanded safety and comfort.”