Fazua Continues to Win Since Eurobike

Fazua, a bicycle company founded in 2013, began with a small team of Bavarian cycling enthusiasts. Ever since their goal has been to revolutionize the electric bicycle market. With Johannes Biechele and Fabian Reuter leading the team as managing directors, Fazua has created a new wave of innovative e-bike drive systems, with goals to push the limits of cycling mobility and preserve the feeling of riding a traditional bike.

With drive systems made in Munich, Germany, Fazua works to combine the battery, motor, and electronics into a compacted unit. Making a distinctive design that is both lean and weighs only 3.3 kg. Fazua's drive systems also offer other unmistakable features such as the evation drive system. Where the motor and bottom brackets are detached from each other, with speeds ranging from 25 km/h and faster.

In 2017, after four years of hard work, Fazua was recognized at Eurobike, the world's leading exhibition in the bicycle industry. This was the first time Fazua featured their evasion drive system at a demo booth. The company received positive feedback, from both service partners and various clients. Furthermore, Fazua won the Eurobike Gold Awards in the category components.

CEOs Johannes Biechele and Marcus Schlüter said they felt this was a recognition of all the effort and hard work their team has invested since the establishment of their business. Going on to say that "As a company, we've now reached a point where we can look back with pride and look forward with great confidence. This award shows that we hit the nail on the head with the evation drive system regarding the zeitgeist, the needs, and the tastes of the bike industry. This is a path we are very keen to continue. Apart from that, I think I speak for all FAZUA founders when I say the system would have been nothing but an abstract idea without our strong, professional, and extremely ambitious team that FAZUA has become."

The drive system has become an exemplary example of what can be obtained with further innovation relating to electric bicycles. With its special clutch, riders can pedal with ease free of resistance. Allowing steep hills and heavy headwinds to feel like a breeze. The drive system can also be removed and put back into place with a simple, one-click step.

Currently, Fazua offers a range of drivepack accessories, including batteries and remotes. The batteries weigh 1.38 kg and the remotes offer unique features such as fully integrated remote control, sensitive touch surfaces, or responsive touch interfaces. They are lightweight, offer a hybrid drive system, and are fully integrated into the frame. Furthermore, the Fazua Toolbox app is designed to go along for the ride. The app allows you to track your route and collects personal data, such as your riding style and training progress.

More information relating to Fazua's latest innovations and products can be found on their website, Fazua.com.