Reviewing Taiwan's Bicycle & e-Bike export performance in 2020

Taiwan exported only 1,699,073 bicycles in 2020, which represented a reduction of 20.1% from the year before. These exports were valued at roughly US$1 billion, which was a drop of 18% compared with 2019. The European Union and United States remained the two largest markets for Taiwan's bicycles; 625,216 bikes were exported to the EU, which represented shrinkage of 36.6%, while the average unit price of these exports of US$583 rose by 16.6%. The 665,000 bikes exported to the US was down only slightly compared with 2019. In contrast to its sagging bicycle exports in 2020, the value of Taiwan's bicycle part exports rose by 13.9% compared with 2019.

Keeping pace with the trend toward the electrification of bicycles, Taiwan's e-bike exports have risen steadily over the last few years. According to customs statistics, Taiwan exported 760,209 e-bikes in 2020, with the lion's share (502,421, up by 14%) going to the EU market. The Netherlands was the leading importer of e-bikes from Taiwan, importing 310,000 units, followed by Germany (imported 50,000 e-bikes), and Britain (35,000 e-bikes). The US is Taiwan's second-largest market, and imported 167,852 e-bikes from Taiwan in 2020, which represented growth of 27.3% compared with 2019. Taiwan's e-bike exports had a total value of US$987 million during the year, and this figure was up by 14.4% compared with the previous year. The average unit price of Taiwan's e-bike exports fell from US$1,339 to US$1,298, however.