Rescue plan underway for Mavic

According to French national newspaper L'Equippe, an effort is underway to rescue the iconic wheel brand, Mavic which has recently been placed into receivership.

The L'Equippe article states that French lawyer, Didier Poulmaire is working with a small group of experts from the bicycle manufacturing, distribution, events and marketing sectors as well as two renowned ex-professional riders to carry out a recovery project for Mavic.

In the spring of 2019, Californian investment group Regent LP confirmed it had purchased Mavic. The wheel brand was placed into receivership on May 2, 2020, at the commercial court at Grenoble, and is currently under a six-month “observation period” by the French court. The deadline for submitting takeover offers for Mavic, which was founded in 1889, was set for June 2.

A labor group at Mavic's headquarters near Annecy has questioned the strange takeover of the company last year by the American investment fund Regent LP from the Finnish group Amer Sports. The group also denounced the underinvestment suffered by Mavic under its last two owners.