Büchel Subsidiary Wittkop Acquires Italian Saddle Manufacturer Selle Esse

As announced by Büchel Industrie Holding, Wittkop Sattel GmbH took over Italian saddle manufacturer Selle Esse on May 1, 2021. Through this takeover, the company will also strengthen and expand its saddle and saddle parts production in Germany, especially in Zella-Mehlis and Barchfeld in Thuringia, as well as in Bassano,Italy. 

High-quality Wittkop Medicus leather saddles are already manufactured in Büchel's own European factories. There is no question that there are ideal synergies with Selle Esse, which was founded in 2009, because the innovations and know-how of this brand flow into the new products of Wittkop Sattel. Moreover, Wittkop customers now have an even greater choice - they can also fall back on the high-quality Selle Esse models. The Selle Esse concept is based on analysis of the human body structure and the interaction with movement during cycling. The products are particularly convincing in cycling due to their ergonomic shape, through anatomically optimised saddles specialising in race and mountain bikes. They are equally suitable for women and men. With the addition of the Selle Esse bicycle saddles, Wittkop can now cover even sportier customer wishes.  

The latest product from Selle Esse is "Skuba" saddle, which impresses with its active energy distribution: this balances the forces that occur and the maximum load limits between the rider and the bicycle saddle, and the cyclist adopts a sporty sitting position with absolute best values below the maximum load limits. The "City Saddle", which is still in development and will be presented on the market shortly, also has exactly these characteristics. Both products are 100% recyclable.

With this expansion of the product portfolio, the focus is now even more on the high-quality saddle segment with production in Europe and the associated sustainability and positive ecological balance.