Cycling News Tests Merida’s eSILEX+ 600

Merida, bicycles made in Taiwan and designed in Germany, have been dominating the industry for over forty years. The company is loved by pro and amateur cyclists alike, and recently Cycling News tested Merida's eSILEX+ 600, determining whether it truly lived up to the hype of the German design and modern bike parts manufactured and assembled in Taiwan.

The eSILEX+ 600, an inspiration from the Reacto, is one of the “fastest, most compliant climbing road bikes we've ever ridden,”says the Cycling News team. The pros include its lightweight, yet durable frame. The “impeccable” handling manner, the synchronous communication between the rider and traction levels, and lastly the generous tire clearance. However, the team notes that it may not be for everyone as it has no sprint or satellite shifters, which allow the rider to have quick gear changes while maintaining a firm grip on the handlebar.

Cycling News continues its praises by complimenting the cost and stability. They say that the new aerodynamic tubing has changed its look, making it more modern and in line with similar products. Additionally, the new bike weighs 822g for a medium frame, making it 4.4 percent lighter than the former. The bike also comes in two distinct yet unique colors and designs, the Bahrain Victorious, and metallic black.

Aaron Borrill, who wrote the review for Cycling News says that “dynamically, it's faultless. It's super fast no matter the terrain and is telepathic in the way it behaves and responds to pedal and steering inputs.” He goes on to state the brakes “are superb, modular and feel some and the responsive shifting coupled with the stiff frame makes for a lively performer.” Merida is currently selling the eSILEX+ 600 through their website, but be prepared for a backlog in ordering times, due to popularity and products taking longer to ship than usual.