TBS and EBS online resources

Taiwan Bicycle Source, TBS, was first published in 1997 and has since continuously been used as a virtual sourcing tool for international buyers. Topics include a vast range of information, such as the itemization of complete bicycles, components, parts, and accessories as well as the in-depth reports of the market, analysis figures, exclusive bike trends, and the latest industry developments. Global E-Bike Source, EBS, is another industry sourcing tool exclusively for electric bicycles and has topics ranging from e-bikes, e-bike components, parts, and accessories.

Companies or individuals who seek helpful and modern information concerning either the Taiwan bicycle industry or information regarding worldwide e-bikes, and e-bike parts will find either of these guides to be overwhelmingly exceptional. Both latest versions of TBS and EBS e-books (2021-2022) are now available on the Bike News Online  website, allowing users access to sourcing catalogs with the touch of their fingers.