VanMoof Launches New Campaign

VanMoof, a Dutch company based in the Netherlands, recently produced its first commercial. The ad, shown on television throughout the United States, Germany, and the Netherlands, aims to demonstrate the ease of riding e-bikes. The company was established in 2009. Despite being a somewhat new company, they have had major success. In 2020, VanMoof was the winner of the Red Dot awards. A German international design prize that features their top picks on their website. Known for its minimalist design and sleek colors, the company has grown substantially in the past decade. Furthermore, in 2019 the company had a turnover of €40 million.

Titled The Future Is Forwards, VanMoof’s new ad shows a hot and congested city day. Amid the chaos that often comes with living in highly inhabited places, the video shows people arguing amidst traffic stops and car accidents. Meanwhile, a woman is riding the VanMoof e-bike, with the background music playing to the song Brighter Side by Connie Conway. The woman is smiling and at ease as she navigates the busy disorder of city streets.

The director of the commercial states he aimed to make the film “feel like a breath of fresh air.” Geusebroek goes on to say that the bicycle “stands for not just the environment, but also for escaping the rut that people are in.” VanMoof’s campaign is running worldwide on multiple social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. Additionally, VanMoof has brand stores throughout major cities in the U.S., some of which include New York, Seattle, and San Francisco. The company is adding a second store to the state of California this upcoming fall in Los Angeles.