Velo Announce Ann Chen as CEO on 45th Anniversary

On the eve of the Taipei Cycle, Velo and Wellgo continued their tradition by hosting a grand banquet at the GRAND HILAI TAIPEI, featuring 30 tables and welcoming over 300 customers and distributors from across the globe.

This year holds special significance for Velo Group as it celebrates its 45th anniversary. In a momentous announcement, President Stella Yu revealed that Ann Chen would succeed as the CEO of the group. Taking the reins, Ann Chen is poised to lead Velo Group into a new era of innovation, particularly in the realms of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) principles and green innovation, as the company strides towards its next 45 years.

During the banquet, Ann Chen took the opportunity to share Velo's extensive efforts and achievements in environmental protection and sustainability with the esteemed guests. These initiatives included conducting carbon audits, sourcing PIR/PCR/GRS certified materials, reducing reliance on petrochemical materials, harnessing solar energy in the factory, conserving energy, fostering a friendly workplace environment, and promoting harmonious labor relations. Moreover, alongside their signature bicycle saddle series, Velo has embraced a diverse development approach, collaborating with customers to design components for the burgeoning electric bike and e-motor markets, thus fulfilling Velo's original mission of catering to the diverse needs of riders while promoting happy cycling and a sustainable future.

Echoing Velo's commitment to ESG sustainability, Wellgo also endeavors to utilize green recycled materials such as coffee grounds, encouraging collective action to protect the environment and create a better world.

A highlight of the evening was the unveiling of the latest innovation, the Angel Revo Halo, showcasing the world-leading Angle Revo technology. Crafted from ETPU, the lightweight yet durable Halo Foam boasts exceptional flexibility, molding closely to riders' contours for optimal shock absorption—a perfect choice for mountain biking and long-distance cycling. Additionally, the Omnicover, made from recycled materials combined with unique knitted metallic threads, offers outstanding waterproofing and abrasion resistance, distributing resistance evenly against the smooth cycling surface. Notably, the all-natural base shell is environmentally friendly, emitting minimal carbon exhaust during production.

As Velo Group and Wellgo continue their commitment to innovation and sustainability, they invite all stakeholders to join hands in forging a greener, more sustainable future for all.