Bosch Introduces New Smart System for E-bikes

The Bosch Group, one of the global leaders in supplying technology and services. Products range from drive units, bike displays, batteries to bike protection and e-bike systems. At the end of August, Bosch announced their new e-bike app. The app, which tracks movement while riding is just one of the latest innovations from Bosch. Claus Fleischer, CEO of the company's eBike systems states that "With the eBike Flow app and the smart system, we are continuously evolving the eBike experience and shaping the digital eBike mobility of the future.”

Other features include the opportunity for users to select their route and terrain they expect to be riding. Furthermore, the riding models are customizable to the maximum speed and torque of the drive, the rider's personal needs, and dynamics. The app is also personalized, allowing users to choose the unique design of their liking whilst staying connected to their favorite brand. Additionally, riders need not worry about staying updated amid their riders. The new app has an “everything at a glance” feature, which displays the most important information on the home screen of the user's phone. This information includes the status of the bike as well as the next time the bike needs a service.

Fleischer says the best of the app is still yet to come. “The functions of the e-bike Flow app, with which we are starting in the first step, are just the beginning for us. In the future, many more features will follow that will make eBiking safer, smarter, and more individualized.” As far as recording activities, users can begin biking and rely on the e-Bike Flow app to automatically detect when the ride begins. All information will be sent to Apple Health afterward.

The Bosch Group has roughly 395,000 associates worldwide. The company generated sales of 71.5 billion euros in 2020. Their four business sectors include Mobility, Solutions, Industrial Technology, Consumer Goods, and Energy and Building Technology. Bosch hopes to pursue mobility that is sustainable, safe, and exciting. With 129 locations across the globe, Bosch employs 73,000 associates in fields ranging from research and development. With nearly 34,000 software engineers. More information on Bosch systems and their newest innovations can be found on their website.