Boom In Intense 951 Bicycle Sales


Though the COVID-19 pandemic has brought bicycling out of the woodwork, Intense's new 951 series explores a new path of sales. The 951 will be sold through the usual consumer-direct pipe. However, Intense is also partnering with a somewhat unorthodox channel, Costco. Which will be carrying the latest 951 models. 

Intense CEO Jeff Stebler hopes this new alliance will reach bicycle enthusiasts who have just recently entered the sport. Stebler states that the 951 is not a beginner bike, but one that's a few steps up from basic beginner models. As for those who may feel wary about a boutique bicycle entering mainstream warehouses, Stebler confirms the bike will only be sold on Costco's website.
In place of the usual Intense color scheme, the 951 has toned down colors. Using lighter tones, such as gray, the aim is to give consumers new to bicycling a less intimidating look. However, the new bike still boasts its fierce labels. Buyers can purchase the 951 for over USD 400 less using Costco compared to the Intense website.