SRAM Opens New Factory

SRAM, a bicycle company based in Chicago, Illinois, has recently announced its plans of opening a new factory. Since being founded in 1987, the company has extended across the globe adding factories and facilities to almost every continent. Each  SRAM factory or facility specializes in varying techniques and procedures for the bicycle industry. This new factory, located in Portugal, will be the fourth new addition to SRAM's Europe branch.

The new factory, which will make TIME pedals, is expected to produce a figure of 200,000 pairs per year. The factory also hopes to add the eventual production of hubs and wheels. Additionally, it will be the home to SRAM's “global chain development and manufacturing.” As of now, the opening of the facility has created six new jobs. However, the new factory is expected to add an extra 25 job opportunities by November 2022.

The Secretary-General of Portugal's National Association of Two-Wheel Industries, Hardware, Furniture, and Related Products, ABIMOTA Gil Nadias commented on the addition of SRAM's factory in Portugal. Nadais stated that “over the last few years, the Portuguese two-wheel and smooth mobility sector, with a strong contribution from our Portugal Bike Value project, has struggled to provide the country and Europe with ever greater production capacity, reducing dependence on foreign markets and developing shorter distribution chains. With this unit, we take an important step towards achieving these goals."

SRAM's other European factories include France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Additionally, SRAM has one office located in Waterford, the oldest city in Ireland. SRAM has five facilities across the United States, from the west in California to the midwestern cities of Indianapolis and Illinois. SRAM's Canadian branch is located on Vancouver's north shore, totaling six facilities in North America. In Asia, there are two production industries in Taichung, Taiwan, and one center in Kunshan, China. SRAM also has one location in Australia.

SRAM continues to be a leader in its diversity of bicycling product makeup. More information about their product collection can be found on the website,