Pierer Mobility Enters the American Market by Acquiring Felt Bicycles

Pierer Mobility AG has announced the acquisition of Felt Bicycles into its division Pierer E-Bikes GmbH in order to go forward to reach the leading position in the bicycle sector.

Founded in 1991 in California, USA, Felt Bicycles is well known for producing high-performance, drop-bar road, triathlon, track, cyclotrons, gravel, and adventure bikes. The Californian company has been pioneering the bike market since 1991, by setting new standards in mountain bike suspension systems, designing aerodynamic models for racing and lately introducing carbon fiber as new material for their designs.

During their 30 year history, Felt has always been striving for innovative products and original Research and Development. Their models have been taken to stage at Grand Tours, earned triathlon record breaking world titles, won Olympic gold medals and world championships all over the world. 

The CEO of Pierer Mobility AG, Stefan Pierer, expressed that the addition is crucial for the overall strategy of Pierer E-Bikes, which consists of becoming a worldwide player in the two-wheel mobility market, across all cycling categories and including electric and non-electric bikes. The acquisition will help them to expand their catalog and enter the North American market using Felt high performance as leverage. As Felt is also immersed in the competition area the CEO pointed out that feature as an extra attraction for Pierer.

Pierer Mobility AG, the creator behind successful powered-two-wheeler brands like KTM, Husqvarna Motorcycles and GASGAS, opened Pierer E-Bikes GmbH in 2019. The team has focused on providing innovation, advanced technology and leading design for the market. Over the years it has continued building a portfolio of premium bicycle brands in all categories. The addition of Felt Bicycles now combines Husqvarna E-Bicycles, GASGAS, and R Raymon.

The new deal consists of three main strategies: the purchase of the Felt brand assets, business assets in Europe and in North America, and the further integration of the global workforce into Pierer E-Bikes GmbH’s team.


Being Europe’s leading manufacturer of “powered two-wheelers”, Pierer has achieved a top position by developing brands like KTM, Husqvarna Motorcycles and GASGAS. As a leader in technology and market, it produces combustion engines and emission free electrical powered two-wheelers like e-motorcycles, e-bicycles and e-scooters.

The Group, adjoined to its strategic partner Bajaj, pioneers the electro mobility market for two-wheelers, especially in the low-voltage range (48 volts). By making an entrance into the e-bicycle segment, it has accomplished an important step in order to increase its impact in the field of bicycle electro mobility. Their goal is to become a big international player in this field under their three main brands and take advantage of the current market growth.


Felt Bicycles was founded in California in 1991 and as a performance cycling brand, innovation, speed, and fun feature has been its main characteristics in their road, track, cyclocross, gravel, triathlon, and fitness catalogs. Focusing on speed, Felt has supplied many World Champions, Tour de France winners, Olympic Gold Medalists, and Ironman World Record Holders by providing innovative and unique aerodynamic bikes guaranteed to perform highly. Felt Bicycles has been with Group Rossignol since 2017, and during the time together, the brand modernized its product assortment, re-branded and focused its product development on speed and performance while creating comprehensive dealer and distributor networks that serve the market and the target consumers as its best.