Bosch Launch E-Bike ABS

Stuttgart/Reutlingen, Germany - First shown at Eurobike 2017, Bosch has now announced that its anti-lock braking system (ABS) for pedelecs will be available for purchase in Europe starting autumn 2018.

Bosch developed the eBike ABS together with its long-standing partner Magura, which provides a special braking system with the Magura CMe ABS. E-bike components and the ABS must be in tune with each other as a system as optimally as possible. For this reason, bicycle manufacturers only build the ABS directly on the eBike. Retrofitting is impossible. The power source of the anti-lock braking system is the eBike battery. However, the ABS has no noticeable effect on the battery's range since power is only used when the ABS is actively controlling the braking process. In addition, it is ensured that ABS, light and display also run in backup mode. These safety-relevant functions only switch off when the backup has been used up. The end of backup mode is indicated by an ABS indicator light flashing briefly. The brake then operates as a conventional brake.

With front wheel ABS, wheel speed sensors monitor the speed of both wheels. When the front wheel is on the verge of locking, the Bosch eBike ABS controls the brake pressure. The ABS reacts quicker than any rider. In particular, the pedelec can be better controlled and brought to a stop on slippery road conditions and loose, wet ground. Rear wheel lift control is another function of the Bosch eBike ABS. It reduces the chance of the rear wheel lifting off the ground when applying the brake aggressively. This is how it works: Wheel speed sensors detect lifting of the rear wheel through sudden changes in the wheel speed. This results in the regulation of the amount of braking force applied to the front wheel. The Bosch eBike ABS briefly reduces the braking force on the front wheel so that the rear wheel quickly regains ground contact. This reduces the likelihood of the eBiker flying over the handlebar.

Claus Fleischer, CEO of Bosch eBike Systems, says there is great potential: "Safety is an important factor in ensuring that this trendsetting form of mobility becomes sustainable on the market. I am convinced that ABS will become standard equipment on high-end pedelecs. In a few years, most city and trekking eBikes will be equipped with ABS."