Merida Cutting Edge E-Enduro eOne-Sixty

By incorporating all of the latest trends and setting new standards, Merida’s latest version of their eOne-Sixty is set to become the benchmark for trail bike design.
It is positioned as a high-end, state of the art e-bike with cutting edge material, design and integration, taking cues from the super successful first-generation eOne-Sixty, which influenced a whole generation of e-bikes.
The eOne-Sixty is a purpose built e-enduro bike with the power to perform in any environment. Instead of a shuttle to their favorite tracks, riders have their own built-in engine to assist them to the top. On downhills, it still feels like a normal bike, agile due to its MTB geometry, but more planted because of the higher weight. 

However, the eOne-Sixty is not a one-trick pony and is often used as a kind of ‘SUV’ bike. Merida claim that the advantages of the increased travel, bigger tyres and comfortable geometry mean that the eOne-Sixty has the form and functionality to shine away from the enduro tracks by offering a comfortable and capable alternative to a ‘normal’ mountain bike. All in all, it’s a super fun bike with a clear focus on trail riding. 
•Intended Use
Trail riding! Geometry, travel and specification make this bike perfect for demanding trail riding. It doesn’t matter if it’s a playful easy trail or a hardcore enduro track. The eOne-Sixty loves it all.
Besides its enduro and trail riding abilities, the eOne-Sixty’s travel as well as the comfortable and upright riding position gives a lot of confidence and offers a real alternative to a ‘normal’ mountain bike.
•Key Components

Thermo Gate
Specially located openings near the head tube work like a chimney, allowing warm air to dissipate to maintain the optimum operating temperature for the internal battery. The ‘Thermo Gate’ enables the battery to perform at its best, in any condition.

Energy Guard
A two-component battery cover offers perfect protection for the battery. The softer (outer) layer reduces noises, seals the downtube and absorbs impacts from stones, while the harder (inner) layer ensures that the battery does not get damaged and gives it the structural shape. All crucial parts like the rubber strap and o-rings can be replaced.

Shimano battery
The powerful internal lithium-ion battery offers 630 Wh (504 Wh in size XS frames), charges up from 0-100% in 6 hours (when EC-E8004 charger is used) and retains at least 60% of its original battery capacity after 1,000 charging cycles. The aluminium cased battery is extremely compact, allowing seamless integration into the downtube. This leaves ample space for the rear shock, added water bottle fixing points and plenty of top tube clearance. It has a waterproof design and is impact and vibration resistant.

Merida Expert eTR cockpit
The Expert eTR cockpit offers internal cable routing for the e-system cables through the handlebar and stem for an extra clean and organised look. The new eTRII stem also features secure attachment points for the Lezyne front light via its unique clamping plate. As with all of Merida’s e-bike specific parts, the eTR cockpit is tested for a 140 kg system weight.