United Engineering Corp. (KHS)

E-Assist Endure 1000

Electric assisted or E-Assisted bikes allow you to do more on your bicycle. The ability to see and ride more, while having the option to explore different places or just have fun.

KHS has a full line up of E-Assisted bikes that will suit everybody’s needs. From great commuters to killer mountain trail bikes to the good old E-bike for running errands around town. KHS has an electric assisted bike just for you.

MOVO 1.0

Shouldn’t all bikes be comfortable? You would think so. But different types of bikes are designed for different goals. Comfort bikes are designed specifically to be very easy and comfortable to ride. The riding position, which is more upright, puts less strain on the back, hips, shoulders, and arms. These bikes also have luxury saddles, grips, easy shifting gears, and often suspension forks as well.