Higo Technology Suzhou Co., Ltd. / SEEKRUN.

Higo Technology Suzhou Co., Ltd. / SEEKRUN.


A1: With a 3.5-inch horizontal screen, A1 is adaptable for urban leisure bicycles. This product is oriented to high-end markets with a focus on HMI (Human-Machine Interaction). Designed with excellent performance and a novel shape in mind. A1 is also equipped with breathing lights which change color depending on speed. The upgraded version of A1 even possesses an APP to ease the navigation process.

G1: With a 3.5-inch high-resolution color screen, G1 is suited for urban leisure bicycles. Possessing a dainty body and a curved 2.5D screen, G1 has fine exquisite details. Besides the appealing appearance, G1 is interactively-friendly, resulting in an all-round excellent user experience.

X1: With a 3.5-inch color screen in the middle, this display instrument is also made for urban leisure bicycles. The minimalistic appearance highlights the functions of the product itself, matching bicycles of various styles.

M1: This is a highly cost-effective display instrument. The negative display segment-code LCD screen, with white characters on a black background, looks more fashionable than the traditional segment-code LCD screen, meeting a different demand of the customers.


BK101 (Integrated bracket): Providing a mounting position for a lamp, with less light blockage for safer riding.

Ø25.4&31.8: Universal brackets, adaptive to both handlebar sizes with rubber rings added. Adaptable to all mid-mounted instruments, possessing high ductility and a 180-degree bending ability.


SW401: Thin and small

SW501: Backlit icons visible during night riding

SW502: Excellent operating angle for safer operation


Fitted with simplified wiring across the entire vehicle, minimizing the amount of wire used.

An independent module adaptive to a wide range of instruments.